Creating a new tech conference in the Algarve

Jorge Cabaço is a dynamic figure in the Algarve tech space, working passionately in digital marketing with Dengun and his very own Fresh Mint Consulting. Listen to our fun conversation about Information Technology in Portugal's southern region!

Show notes

  • Introducing Jorge Cabaço, Algarvio!
  • The potential of the Algarve and how we advance business (in any sphere) through collaboration: "together we can achieve more".
  • Jorge studied Political Science and International Relations and worked on EU defence policy.
  • He moved to the Algarve to work for NERA (the Algarve Business Association).
  • The Algarve Tech Industry began in the 1990s with AlgarData and VisualForma.
  • Other major players in the Algarve: Dengun Digital Agency (Miguel Fernandes) in Faro, Moonshapes in Portimao, Crochet also in Portimão, SPIC in Loulé, Concept Software Systems in Almançil, and Freshmint Consulting in Vilamoura.
  • Share Algarve, International Digital Marketing Conference, Vilamoura, 2-3 February 2018
  • They had 350 attendees in 2017, possibly many more in 2018.
  • We discuss the lineup and here is the full schedule, you can also see it more detail on Share Algarve's site:
    • Friday
    • 09h30 » Opening Ceremony
    • 10h00 » “How to engage a Loyal Community on Facebook with Live and a Bot”
    • 10h30 » PANEL “Data Intelligence in Marketing”
    • 11h00 » Coffee-break
    • 11h30 » “Is your business ready for a real Digital Transformation?”
    • 12h00 » "The New General Data Protection Regulation – prepared for the changes?"
    • 14h30 » “Innovative Digital Marketing Activation using VR and Simulators - Business Cases with Global Brands”
    • 15h00 » PANEL “Hospitality & Tourism - Loyalty beyond reason”
    • 16h00 » “The Brands' New World”
    • 16h30 » PANEL "Golf Marketing"
    • 17h00 » ”Get Personal! Branding in 2018“
    • 17h30 » Closing remarks
    • Saturday
    • 09h50 » Opening Remarks
    • 10h00 » “Conversion Strategies for Affiliate Marketers”
    • 10h30 » PANEL "How digital influencers are reshaping marketing”
    • 11h30 » "Building a Client - Brand relationship using Marketing Automation"
    • 12h00 » "How an omnichannel approach improves online sales"
    • 14h30 » "Future of UI/UX"
    • 15h00 » PANEL “What’s Next? Innovation in Social Media”
    • 16h00 » “Relevance isn't enough” from the Global Executive Creative Director for Unilever - Ogilvy
    • 16h30 » "Direct bookings in an OTA-driven era: Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Case Study"
    • 17h00 » "Facebook Ads: How to work WITH the algorithm"
    • 17h50 » Closing remarks
  • How the idea of the conference began.
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