Constantino Jordan

He has worked on the most prestigious residential and hotel developments in the Algarve region including Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura. He has a very positive outlook for the future of the Algarve, find out in this informative half hour chat with me.

Show notes

  • Born in Argentina, Constantino moved to Liechtensten when he was 3 and holidayed regularly in the Algarve, due to his father's business interests (his father had founded the Quinta do Lago Resort near Almançil. Read about the history of the resort on Wikipedia).
  • What the Algarve was like back in the 70s: 6 hour drives from Lisbon, only corner shops and nothing going on.
  • Constantino Jordan's most interesting town in the Algarve: Olhão and why.
  • The family business: "Resort Development". Selling Quinta do Lago, 1994 Developing "Vilar do Golf" and the land where Monte da Quinta is today.
  • Moving on to Vilamoura which became a massive project up until 2007 (bigger than Euro Disney in size). The marina has 30-40,000 people in an evening in summer.
  • Vilamoura used to be a farm called Morgado do Quarteira (Estalegem do Cegonha was the old manor house) bought in the 60s by Cupertino Miranda and he started to develop it with his partners. There is a great page illustrating the history of Vilamoura in photos.
  • We talk about sustainable development and ecotourism.
  • Portugal tourism is booming right now and we talk about how this happened and the potential of the Algarve as a hub for other industries beyond tourism like technology.
  • Faro has a small but vibrant tech scene which is extremely exciting, "the Algarve needs revolution" (in a business sense of course).
  • Lisbon as an example is catering to a more discerning market and the Algarve is following suit. We talk about sushi as an example and Artigo 3 in Loulé. Check out their Sushi! Restaurant design is so important and entrepreneurs need training.
  • Good examples of restaurants: Pizzeria Casavostra in Almançil.
  • You can find Constantino online through his web site  / Facebook / Linkedin 
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