Toby Millage also known as Toby One

Toby landed here in the late 70s and hasn't stopped rocking since! He has made his name in surfing along with a troupe of other Toby's, rocked the best gigs in Europe but remains rooted in the Algarve's original center of surf: Lagos. Join us for a wild ride through the Algarve's formative years as Toby relates his experiences, random musings and recommendations. Don't take them lightly, he is one of Lagos' legends.

Show notes

  • How he arrived in the Algarve... back in the late 70s.
  • Windsurfing, surf jets (!), the love of surfing and making money in the summer.
  • Travel years and a root canal in Canada, led to surfing in Australia.
  • Picking grapes in Australia, how hard can it be?
  • Back in the Algarve, Toby perfected "The Running Man", the coolest break dance move of the 90s. Watch MC Hammer do it.
  • How THE SURF EXPERIENCE started in 1992... "You need a helicopter".
  • What Lagos was really like in those days: Interail and the backpacker's bible: "Let's Go Europe". Getting clients in bars and the Lagos train station and graduating to fly in holidays.
  • The growth of Portuguese surf tourism and Big Wave surfing with Al Mennie and Algarve local Alex Botelho.
  • Travel tips on surfing in the Algarve.
  • DJ Toby One and how he got the name. Performing as a DJ at the Arrifana Surf Festival and bringing Ben Howard down to the Algarve.
  • Surfing with the band REEF, Gabe Davies.
  • The Surf Experience's 25th Birthday bash with Frankie Chavez , the Cuban Brothers, Dub Pistols and DJ Barbecue.
  • Toby's recommendations for best event: Medfest Loule ? Obviously "Toby One and Amigos" at the Grand Café in Lagos!

You can find Toby One on Facebook. Connect with him, he's a fabulous chap.

Toby One the DJ

The only way to experience Toby's brand of pleasure is to go to one of his events. He's always playing but probably one of the most unique is coming up soon in Mértola on the 21st April 2018 - check out the event site here:

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