Nelson Carvalheiro

Nelson is an award winning blogger and video maker hailing from the hotel industry. He took time out from his busy schedule to chat to Nick about food in Portugal and the Algarve in particular. We did this one over the internet as he had returned to Germany before we could meet. Listen up, there are some real gems in this one!

Show notes

  • Save water! Portugal is experiencing a drought (as is Cape Town, Nick's original home).
  • Growing up in Coimbra and conversations about food: a celebration versus fuel.
  • Fascinating survey about how people find the importance of food and wine during their stay in Portugal.
  • Growing your own food and taking from the land to the table (instead of from a supermarket to your table).
  • Portuguese market culture. Check out Loulé Market every Saturday morning. Comparing Portuguese markets and the way of life to Germany and Northern Europe.
  • How Nelson studied engineering and became a hotel manager while on assignment in Brazil. He loved it and went to hotel school in Switzerland and returned to Portugal to work in 2010.
  • Movie star friends from the 5 star hotel invited him to California and other places and he decided to tell his stories on a blog. "Just do it!".
  • Portuguese blogging, awards and his book: The Portuguese Travel Cookbook
  • Tavira holidays and restaurant recommednations (see below).
  • Explore the Algarve through food: Traditional Muxama (air dried tuna) in Olhão, which goes back to Arab times and is served mostly in the Algarve.
  • Beaches in the Algarve: Albandeira beach, Benagil cave and the photos versus the reality.
  • Quinta dos Perfumes, a small hotel near Tavira.

Nelson's Restaurant Recommendations

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